Welcome to the Brenton Cove Cluster Association!

Friendly Reminders











  • Speed limit is 10MPH
  • Please come to a complete stop at the STOP sign
  • Drive slowly and carefully
  • Pass 3 feet (VA State Law) to the left of the cyclists
  • Please ensure that all lamp post lights are in working order
  • These are the only lights in the neighborhood
  • Please keep your cars locked, car alarms "ON" if parking in common areas
  • Park your cars in your garage and/or driveways. We only have 20 public parking spots. Please don't park more than one car in the public space.
  •  All boats, canoes, kayaks that go into the lake require TWO decals, the RA decal and the Brenton Cove decal (contact the Vice-President, see below)
  • Water-front Rules, Seniority List and Waiting List can be accessed here: Brenton Cove Cluster Docs (under BCC governing docs- requires login)





Common Areas




  • Dogs must be on a leash when outside the home
  • Please clean-up after your pets. It's the law.
  • Please be respectful of other people's property when walking your pets.
  •  Holiday decorations should be removed within 30 days
  • Residents are required to shovel their own driveways
  • The snow contractor is responsible for our streets and common pathways
  • Please do not throw snow into the street
  • Please keep the fire hydrants and storm drains clear from the snow
  •  Do not use common areas for snow sliding, composting, new path, vegetation refuse and/or personal use without the Board's approval
  • Do not nail anything into the fences.
  • Fences are painted at regular intervals
  • Residents are responsible to keep their side of the fences clean and sap free

Important Contacts


Sentry Management 
 Carol Sutton; e-mail: csutton@sentrymgt.com
Phone: (540)-751-1888 ext 56613
 Any/All enquiries about the cluster including general questions, complaints, concerns, comments, feedback about neighbours, vendors, board members etc.
Board Secretary    
e-mail: daviddrose@me.com  General questions/comments about the cluster.
 Vice-President     e-mail: jacquiegarland@gmail.com Brenton Cove Boat/Kayak Decals
  Board of Directors   
Members Area
 Any questions about serving on the board, issues that need to be added to the next board meeting, the agenda etc
 RA Covenants Manager    
Michelle Rouhi; e-mail:mrouhi@reston.org;
Phone:(703) 435-6527
  RA Covenants, Rules and Regulations especially if you are renovating the interior or the exterior of the house. RA rules supercede BCCA rules, when there is an overlap.
 RA Watershed Manager    
 William Peterson; e-mail:wpeterson@reston.org; 
Phone:(703) 435-6535 (Office); (571)-233-9943 (Work Cell)
 Any questions about the lakes, the boats, tags for the boats, mooring spots etc.
 Reston Assoc. Pathways Supervisor Linda L. Thomaslthomas@reston.org; 

Phone(Main) : 703-437-7658; (Direct) : 703-435-6557

 RA Pathway issues such as removal of trees, reporting fallen trees, questions about paving of the RA path
 Reston Association   Phone: (703)-435-6530 General Reston Association enquiries e.g Pool and Tennis Passes, Walker Nature Center, RA Dues etc.
 RA Environmental Resource Manager
 Claudia Thompson-deahl; e-mail: claudia@reston.org; Phone:(703)-435-6547
 Advisor to Reston Residents about Flora and Fauna. May be able to advice homeowners about landscaping issues.
Cluster website    
e-mail: BrentonCoveClusterAssociation@gmail.com
 Website login problems, New member access request or any other website related issues.
Republic Services; Phone: (703)-818-8222 Trash/Recycle issues, Holiday trash pickup, x-mas tree pickup