New Announcements

posted Jan 1, 2016, 5:23 AM by Mary Walker
  • Lamp posts - Please ensure your lamp posts are in working order.  These are the only lights we have in our neighborhood. 
  • Meeting minutes: October and November meeting minutes were posted to the website. If you are having problems accessing the website, please let me know.
  • Holiday Decorations - Holiday decorations should be taken down within 30 days of the holiday. .  
  • Trash/Recycle -
    • Please do not put out the white garbage bags at night.  Birds and other animals get into the white garbage bags and tear them open.
    • Please ensure empty boxes are secured if you put them out at night.  There have been several times where the boxes end up in the middle of the street the next morning.
    • Trash cans and recycle bins should be put away after pick up.  Trash cans and recycle bins should be stored away and not visible from the street.  Do not store the cans/bins on the side of the garages.
  • January Board Meeting: Will be held on January 7th at Mary's Szpanka's house at 7pm.
  • Waterfront:  Reston Association did a walk through of our waterfront in August and also last week.  Any boats, canoes, kayaks,etc.  that go into the lakes, must have a Reston Association decal and Brenton Cove decal.  You can pick  up the Reston decal at the Reston Association office After you pick up the Reston decal, please contact me for the Brenton Cove decal.  
  • RA pathway crossing Lake Thoreau dam on the Lake Audobon side to close for repairs beginning January 4th:
    • In anticipation of winter weather, RA is contracting with Lake Services to repair the clogged underground drain which has allowed water to seep across the pathway near the Lake Thoreau Dam.  The contractor will install a new interceptor trench, designed to collect the groundwater and direct it under the pathway.  It is anticipated to take one to two weeks to complete the project.  The pathway will be closed during this time.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. Please Nicki Bellezza at 703-435-6560 or with any questions or concerns.