posted Jul 8, 2014, 6:53 AM by james dean   [ updated Apr 16, 2015, 6:33 AM ]
Homeowners should secure all trash & recycling so it does not blow away.  Please remember that trash should be put out just prior to sundown the night before and trash containers should be put away as soon as possible after pickup. Trash containers should be stored in a location that is not visible from the street (i.e. garage). Recycle items are picked up on Thursdays only. Homeowners should secure all trash & recycling so it does not blow away.  Adhering to this, will help keep our neighborhood beautiful & clean.  Thanks

With the weather warming up & people being outdoors more, please make certain that your outdoor lights are working & that they have working light bulbs.  This will help ensure everyone’s safety in our neighborhood as well as help prevent car break ins.

Please remember to drive carefully when bicyclists are around.  Please remember to pass at least 3 ft to the left of cyclists at a reasonable speed.  Its VA STATE Law.  Please drive slowly & carefully in our cluster to keep our children & neighbors safe.   Please also remember that 8 out of 10 crashes in VA are blamed on cell phones use.   So, please be very careful when driving & using your cell phone.  We also ask that you keep to a maximum speed of 10 MPH in our cluster.  Please remember to stay on the proper side of the street & to obey all stop signs by coming to a full stop.   Parents are also encouraged to supervise their children while at play.  Thanks.

The Board has adopted a new resolution by a unanimous vote that states that “NO NAILS, SCREWS, STAPLES  or other items that will penetrate the painted surface of the picket fencing may be used to affix holiday or other decorations, planters, signs, or any other items either permanently or temporarily to the fences.  Rather, non-penetrating fasteners must be used for such purposes.”  The resolution further states that “no other devices may be affixed to the fences which will have the effect of cracking or marring the paint on the fences.”

Due to our grass & topsoil issues, the board voted to install some topsoil & grass seed around the new fences & in several problem spots.  Please DO NOT WALK ON THE NEWLY PLANTED GRASS SEED & TOPSOIL & PLEASE KEEP DOGS OFF OF IT AS WELL.