Welcome to the Brenton Cove Cluster Association!

Friendly Reminders




  • Speed limit is 10MPH

    • Please come to a complete stop at the STOP sign

    • Drive slowly and carefully

    • Pass 3 feet (VA State Law) to the left of the cyclists

    • Please ensure that all lamp post lights are in working order

    • These are the only lights in the neighborhood

    • Please keep your cars locked, car alarms "ON" if parking in common areas

    • Park your cars in your garage and/or driveways. We only have 20 public parking spots. Please don't park more than one car in the public space.

    • All boats, canoes, kayaks that go into the lake require TWO decals, the RA decal and the Brenton Cove decal (contact the Vice-President, see below)

  • Water-front Rules, Seniority List and Waiting List can be accessed here: Brenton Cove Cluster Docs (under BCC governing docs- requires login)



Common Areas

  • Dogs must be on a leash when outside the home

  • Please clean-up after your pets. It's the law.

  • Please be respectful of other people's property when walking your pets.

    • Holiday decorations should be removed within 30 days

  • Residents are required to shovel their own driveways

    • The snow contractor is responsible for our streets and common pathways

  • Please do not throw snow into the street

    • Please keep the fire hydrants and storm drains clear from the snow

    • Do not use common areas for snow sliding, composting, new path, vegetation refuse and/or personal use without the Board's approval

    • Do not nail anything into the fences.

    • Fences are painted at regular intervals

  • Residents are responsible to keep their side of the fences clean and sap free

Important Contacts